Tina Liu

Do I miss CWA? Yes indeed. I miss this place a lot. Talking about the biggest difference between my current school and CWA, I think it has to be the people. Here in my school everyone is kind of cold, not all of them are willing to welcome or accept new people.

Of course not all of them are like that, some students are being very nice too. But when I came here on the my first week and became the only new student in the class, people around me already had their own little groups. Instead of bringing everyone together they decided it’s better to have small groups, and I disliked this part.。

Back there in CWA, everyone comes together and makes us a big family.

Especially for the girls back in my old class (Nanako, Mizuki and Esther), I treat them as my own sisters. We are so close together and go around the school everyday. It’s different over here, you don’t really get to see the same people for your class. Maybe you have Math with A and Physics with B, so people are not really close like we did.

Yes, the resources over here are great. We have the best technology for class, lab equipment and so on. Teachers have long teaching experience etc. But does it all matter? We have 64 kids just in grade 10, more than 600 kids in the whole school. Teachers can’t take care of every one of us as well as they can back in CWA, and some students felt they have been left out during or after class.

CWA is a small school, it might not have the most fanciest teaching equipment or most experienced teacher. But at least I have a feeling that I’m back home, a place where my families are and where I really belong to.


From Japan





尤其是我的老同学(Nanako, Mizuki and Esther),我把她们当作我自己的姐妹,我们在学校里是那样的亲密。这里完全不同,你上课时不会一直看到同样的人。也许和A同学一起上数学课,而和B同学一起上物理课,所以没有人像曾经的我们那样亲密无间。




From Japan