Little Doctors in Action!

As part of our Monthly Activities in conjunction with World Health Day, on April 18th and 19th, we accompanied our students to a special medical check-up where they visited an optometrist to examine their eyes and participated in some activities. They were given a comprehensive vision check-up and learned about the different types of vision examinations. The doctors patiently answered the students’ questions and gave them a better understanding of ophthalmic medicine.


They divided the students into small groups to perform vision tests on each other using professional vision charts and observed the process of fundus photography and other eye examinations. This interaction not only enhanced their understanding of eye examinations but also fostered the spirit of teamwork and mutual help. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, having fun with the tools, observing their friends undergoing the examination, and taking on the optometrist role.


Through this event, we prioritize our children’s health and provide them with firsthand experience of medical check-ups. This imparts new knowledge and fosters a sense of responsibility and care for others.


A Big Thank you to Pu Rui Eye Hospital for having us. Let’s cheer for our little doctors together! 👏