Meet us | 我们的团队

Our teachers consists of the best educators and selected carefully from all over the world 

At the NCIS, we tried several ways of bringing a little joy to the kids along with an emotion of lifelong learning, we not only are one big family but we also ensure we stay connected after the students who leave us

  • We bring a cultural diversity to our school
  • To ensure that each child gets international education
  • Endeavours. Including families

Luis Hernandez
Academic Vice-Principal cum PYP Coordinator

Honors degree in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition) from the Birkbeck University of London.
Over 10 years of international teaching experience, a member of the CIS evaluation team.

Bongiwe Nkumane.
Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate diploma from Rhodes University.
More than 5 years of international teaching experience.
My goal for teaching is to find the light in every child and help them to realize their gifts and then to share those with the world.

Stefanos Ntinapogias
Music and PE Teacher

Master’s Degree in Musicology and Music Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Piano Diploma from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.
For the past 10 years, he has been working both as a music teacher and a performing musician.

Emma Chen
PYP Assistant Coordinator cum Chinese Teacher

Major in Chinese Language Education.
8 years of Chinese teaching experience.
Teacher’s Qualification Certificate.
International Chinese Teacher’s Qualification Certificate

Abby Ye
Homeroom Teacher

Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University.
Over 6 years of teaching experience in international schools.
Kindergarten Teacher’s Qualification Certificate.
Primary School Teacher’s Qualification Certificate.

Lulu Chen
Homeroom Teacher

Majored in English at Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University.
Certificates of TEM 4, TEM 8.
Senior teaching certificate for English.

Tracy Li
Library Teacher 

Bachelor’s degree in English.
Certificate of high school English teacher.

Julia Hu
Teaching Assistant

Majored in English at Jiujiang University. She holds TEM4, and TEM8 certificates, and a middle school teaching certificate for English. More than 3 years of experience in teaching English.

Joy Jiang
Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor’s degree from Jiangxi Normal University. More than five years experience in teaching. 
Senior teaching certificate for English.

Zhao Mingxi

Senior secondary school teacher, director of Nanchang senior title evaluation committee, excellent principal of primary and secondary schools in Jiangxi Province, an advanced individual in art education in Jiangxi Province, an excellent educator in Nanchang, an excellent communist party member in Nanchang, member of the UNESCO Committee of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, representative of the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th National People’s Congress in Nanchang, an excellent representative of the National People’s Congress in Nanchang, engaged in education work for 36 years.

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Gracie Lv
Administration Vice-Principal 

Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major in the English Language), with TEM-8 Certificate, High School English Teacher Certificate, and Enterprise Human Resource Manager Certificate (Level 2)

Angela Liu
Financial Manager  

Bachelor’s degree in accounting from East China Jiaotong University, Graduate student of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and has been the Accounting Supervisor of Nanchang International School since September 2012.

Jason Zhu
Principal Assistant

Bachelor’s Degree (Finland), more than 10 years of working experience in schools. 

Mental Health Guidance Certificate