放假通知 | 双节同庆 喜庆安康


According to the school calendar, here is the arrangement for the coming holiday:


The school will be closed from Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 8. We will reopen on Monday, October 9.


1. 严防疾病


Take precautions against diseases

Strengthen personal protection,  wash hands frequently, and keep a social distance. If you find your child has symptoms of suspected infectious diseases, seek medical attention immediately.

2. 遵守交通法规


Observe traffic regulations

Consciously abide by traffic rules, do not play on the road, and do not play in the blind spot of vehicles.

3. 安全用电用气


Safe use of electricity and gas
Don’t use disqualified electrical appliances, and don’t touch power switches and electrical appliances with wet hands. Gas appliances should be ventilated by opening the windows, and turned off promptly after use. If you find a fire, go outside and dial 119 in time; do not use gas or liquefied petroleum gas stoves when your parents are not at home to prevent gas leakage.

4. 防范溺水


Preventing Drowning

Do not play in areas such as rivers, waterfront platforms, construction site reservoirs, etc., and do not pick up objects that fall into rivers and other waterways. Parents should accompany you when you go swimming in swimming pools. When you find a person falling into the water, seek adult help immediately and do not blindly rescue him/her.

5. 注意饮食安全


Pay attention to food safety

Do not overeat to prevent indigestion. Consciously develop good personal hygiene habits and wash your hands frequently before and after meals to prevent diseases from entering the mouth.

6. 制定合理的作息时间表


Setting a reasonable schedule

Parents can discuss with their children and make a vacation schedule, within a reasonable range to give children a certain degree of autonomy, and reasonable arrangements, and then strictly follow the schedule. This is good for your child’s physical and mental health, as well as the development of good habits.


We wish you a happy holiday!