2022 Autumn PYP Sports Day

In October, when the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, NCIS Autumn PYP Sports Day was held in the laughter of the children.

Principal Luis announced the opening of the games. With the whistle of the referee, our games officially began!

The first game was an egg in a spoon race. The kids were doing their best to keep the balance, the egg wouldn’t fall from the spoon.

The relay races on the other side were also in heated competition, surrounded by little friends with naive faces full of hope cheering louder and louder.

Hurdle competition began, and those players who worried about falling before the play ran like a gust of wind across the field.

At this moment, classes participating in the competition were around the starting point, cheering for the athletes.

The spring PYP Games ended with everyone’s chants and cheers, and everyone gained a lot. There is laughter and sweat, as well as applause and cheers.

Youth is infinite, joy is just at the right time. Brave young people will create their own piece of heaven and earth by doing sports!