Fire Prevention Day

On October 9, we held a fire safety education activity on our campus. It was designed to increase fire safety awareness and let our students have a better understanding of what to do in an emergency.

Firefighters gave our students tips and information about fire prevention, extinguishing a fire, and how to behave in case of evacuation. Then the firefighters took our teachers and students to a specially designed fire truck to play some games and learn through playing. On the fire truck, we saw a Fire Smoke Propagation Demonstration model, Fire Water Gun Operation System, Fire Interactive Game System, and a 119 Alarm Experience System.

It is through games that our teachers and students learn to follow and better remember procedures and routes for the correct way to escape in the case of an emergency. This ensures the school’s emergency plan can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and orderly, reducing the probability of accidents and improving the safety of teachers and students on our campus.