Culture Week

The last week of October is our Culture Week which engaged students and teachers in celebrating and exploring diverse cultural backgrounds through a variety of fun activities.  Culture Week was initiated to nurture the NCIS community’s …

China National Day Arrangements

南昌国际学校将在2022年秋季整体搬迁至原教育服务中心大楼办学(靠近凤凰中大道校门),学校具体地址:江西省南昌市凤凰中大道1122号。 ​电话:13607005048 吕老师 座机: 0791-83855352


Christmas is the day when Santa Claus gives gifts to the children; Christmas is the day when the teacher takes the children to a party! On this day when the Christmas bell is ringing and the new year is approaching. On this day (16 Dece …

Culture Week

25th to 30th October was Culture Week at NCIS. The school arranged field trips for students. All NCIS students got a chance to get close to nature and learn more about nature.  Culture Week is now part of our curriculum and It is embedd …