Admission | 招生

Nanchang International School (NCIS) is, by law, only open to students who are foreigners (non-Chinese Citizens), including those for whom one parent is a non-Chinese Citizen holding a valid working/residential permit in China. Other than this legal requirement, NCIS does not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, nationality, class or economic status.

Admission and grade level placement of all applicants shall be determined by the School’s Admission Committee/Registration Office with the approval of the School Principal, based on the child’s birth date, admission assessment results (e.g. English level), previous school evaluation records, and any necessary diagnostic tests or relevant records.

Parents of students with a past history of learning disabilities, difficulties or other related special needs must meet with the School Principal before admission can be considered.

Students are eligible for admission if the assessment and verification shows that NCIS is able to meet the child’s emotional, social, physical and academic needs.
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Children entering the school who speak English as a second language will have to take an English assessment to evaluate their level of English. Students evaluated as having limited proficiency in English will be placed in an English as a Second Language (ESL) support programme. This programme will provide additional support either within the regular class or in a separate, intensive class, for at least one semester.
<strong><b>Note:</b></strong> NCIS reserves the right to limit the number of students in need of ESL support to a maximum of 20% in each class.

Assessment of the applicant’s levels of Mathematics and Chinese is also required for entry to higher grades. This is to ensure that students admitted are able to cope with the demands of the school’s curriculum.

NCIS is unable to offer a full continuum of Special Educational Needs (SEN) programmes, therefore students with intellectual inabilities or pronounced social, emotional or behavioral difficulties may not be able to join the school.

NCIS seeks to place each student in the appropriate grade level according to his/her chronological age (see table below). Exceptions may only be made by the School Principal based on the student’s educational history and performance in the last completed school year.
<h3><u>Age Requirement for Grade Level Placement </u><u>(Academic </u><u>Year 201</u><u>9</u><u>-2020</u><u>)</u></h3>
<table class=” aligncenter” style=”width: 502px;”>
<tr style=”height: 2.4375px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 2.4375px;”>AGE</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 2.4375px;”>DATE OF BIRTH</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 2.4375px;”>GRADE LEVEL</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>3 – 4</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2015 – 31 Aug 2016</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>Nursery</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>4 – 5</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2014 – 31 Aug 2015</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>Pre K</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>5 – 6</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2013 – 31 Aug 2014</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>K</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>6 – 7</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2012 – 31 Aug 2013</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>1</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>7 – 8</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2011 – 31 Aug 2012</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>2</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>8 – 9</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2010 – 31 Aug 2011</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>3</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>9 – 10</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2009 – 31 Aug 2010</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>4</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>10 – 11</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2008 – 31 Aug 2009</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>5</td>
<tr style=”height: 56px;”>
<td style=”width: 84px; height: 56px;”>11 – 12</td>
<td style=”width: 202px; height: 56px;”>1 Sep 2007 – 31 Aug 2008</td>
<td style=”width: 196px; height: 56px;”>6</td>

<strong><u><b>Class Size</b></u></strong>
The maximum class size is 25 students. NCIS reserves the right to increase the student number per class to 27-28 under special circumstances.
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<strong><u><b>Waiting List</b></u></strong>
The school offers all-year-round placement as long as there are available spaces in class.  Applicants shall be placed on a first-come-first-served basis, based on the date that the Application Form and Application Fee are received. A waiting list will be established when classes are full and no additional classes can be added.

Parents interested in enrolling their child/children in NCIS may request the School Prospectus from the Admission/Registration Office.
Parents interested in a school tour may make an appointment with the Admission/Registration Office.
Parents must complete and sign the NCISStudent Application Form and NCIS Medical History Form, pay the non-refundable Application Fee of RMB 2,300 and submit both forms to the school.
Note: Payment of the Application Fee does not guarantee admission.
Parents must also submit the following during their Application:
Academic records in English. (Records in other languages will not be accepted, and it is the parent’s responsibility to have records translated into English.) One year of academic records is required for applicants applying for Grade 3 and below. For those applying for higher grades, academic records of at least two years are required.
A photocopy of both the parents’and child’s passport and visa information. (It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child has approval from the China Immigration Department to enter and remain in Nanchang/China or that he/she is a legal resident in Nanchang/China.)
Five recent passport-sized photos of the child. (Two of which are needed for attaching to the Application and Medical History Forms.)
A copy of the vaccination record of the student.
Records (if applicable) of any Special Educational Needs testing.
The Admission/Registration Office will schedule a date and time with the parents for their child/children to be assessed in English, and (if needed) in Chinese and Mathematic
After the assessment, the Admission/Registration Office will inform the parents of the outcome, and if the school can accept the child/children.
The parents must inform the school within 10 working days whether they accept the enrollment offer or the place may be offered to another applicant. At the same time, the parents must pay the Guarantee/Deposit to the school in order to secure a place before the full payment of School Fees. Note: Acceptance of the enrollment offer and payment of the Guarantee/Deposit will be viewed as a parent’s understanding and commitment to all the school’s rules, policies, and procedures.
The Admission/Registration Office will confirm the starting date of the student with the parents.
Additional Information:
Parents must complete all details in the NCIS Medical History Form. They must list down any known learning disabilities, difficulties or any such related Special Educational Needs in the form.
If the student is diagnosed with learning disabilities/difficulties or any such related Special Educational Needs, but such information is not included in the Student Medical History Form, a meeting will be arranged between the School and parents to discuss this issue. If any known Special Educational Needs or learning disabilities/difficulties were not included in the application form, the school reserves the right to withdraw the acceptance if the school cannot cater to the child’s needs.
Non-disclosure of past serious behavioral issues in previous schools may also jeopardize the student’s place in The school again reserves the right to withdraw the acceptance.