The School Building is a 5 storied Brick Structure. The total area of the school is 26640m2. The School occupancy is designed for a Maximum of 500 students / 150 staff. The school occupancy is presently (220 students/80 staff). There 25 office spaces in the school. There are 26 classrooms in the teaching building and two 180m2 storerooms in the school. The school is equipped with a School Clinic, Kitchen/Canteen that can accommodate 250 students/staff. A Theatre with seating for 440 people, a Sports Hall, a 2 Library spaces, 3 Science Labs, and Dormitory areas consisting of 8 rooms. The exterior grounds of the school include an artificial Sports Field, including a running track, and a Playground Area. The landscaping area for the school is 7600 m2.

The school is equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities so as to embody the humanistic concern of the school. There are two handicapped toilets on the ground floor, and there is elevator access to all the floors, and ramps beside the canteen and the main entrance to provide wheelchair users safe and convenient access.

Security is monitored 24/7 by security staff at school entrances and inside the building,
Security is supported by a CCTV security system in the surveillance room.