Marshall Guo

Marshall Guo

Proud to be a WESer.

It was two years ago, 2015, when I came back from Singapore. Although I always wanted to go to the United Kingdom and study, but since I just came back, my families and I both agreed to wait for two more years. Therefore, I was looking for a school in Changsha which can provide me better English education, and a school that teaches in a foreign way.

Coincidently, I heard a school called Changsha WES Academy from one of my best friend who was studying there, he suggested me to go and have a look. My mom went there before I did and she met the principal of the school, and my mom told me about the school.

A few days after my mom met the principal of CWB, I went to the school. I talked to both principal of CWA and CWB, they were both friendly and they introduced me deeper about two of the schools. At last, they gave me the right to choose to go to the school I wanted to go because it was a special situation for me since I studied in Singapore.

I didn’t think much and chose to go to CWB straight away and wanted to be with my friends, after I took a test and met all the teachers, I went into CWB.

I entered the school very soon after the test I passed, my first day of school was in winter, there wasn’t clear blue skies and singing birds, but only smog all around. The school was very different from the outside, everyone was passionate and very nice. I went into the classroom and saw some of my old friends, some new faces. I made a very short introduction and started my life in CWB.

Soon, the school totally amazed me. In classes, we discussed for opinions and topics, we did activities, we had fun, but we learnt a lot. We played different sports game and activities during P.E. classes; we played different instruments and learnt many things about music during P.A. classes; we were very creative during art classes. The best thing was, all specialist teachers as well as the English teacher were foreigners, that allowed us to practise our English skills during different classes.

There were also so many different things and activities we can do. Winter concert, filed trips, international family day, military training and all different festival activities. The year was gorgeous, but I still wanted more challenging English and better English environment. So, I talked to the principal and asked if I can still change to go to CWA. It was harder because I didn’t choose to go to CWA at first, but the school still gave me a chance, so again, I took the test from CWA, and got into CWA.

I was first very nervous, but since the campus of the two sections were together, so my new classmates were mostly my friends. Soon, I felt no nervous but exciting, exciting to face new and more difficult challenges.

The new year was no much differences, the same playground, same canteen, the same super great heater, but the teaching style changed, it was even more international, we begin to really be the “owner” of classes and there were more academic activities like presentation, science fair, debate. We have new friends coming. We created a band at the end of the year, the name was Super MYPPIES right?
“Super MYPPIES”。

The second year in CWA was fabulous, perfect I should say. “There are essays to write, examinations to take, also parties to attempt, and shows to present.” I think this sentence will be good to conclude the life of CWA.

I must be thankful to all my teachers for teaching me knowledge and how to be a balanced, respectful student; I must be thankful that I met all my classmates and friends in the school, you were all super awesome and you helped me on many things. At last, I must be thankful for being in Changsha WES Academy, my two years in the school brought me so much, it turned me into a much better person, also I can’t be successful with my school application, the time I spent and things I did in CWA will always be my precious memories.

To be an Internationally-minded lifelong learner is the goal of Changsha WES Academy students, and that’s my goal to achieve. Changsha Wes Academy absolutely did make me get closer to my goal. So, I am grateful be a WESer, and I am very proud to be a WESer!

Marshall Guo
September 1st, 2017
From London, England









新的生活没有太多的改变,同样的操场,同样的餐厅,同样的大功率暖气。但是教学风格改变了,变得更加国际化。我们开始真正的成为课堂的“主人”,有更多关于学术方面的活动,比如报告演讲,科学博览会,辩论会。我们有新朋友到来,而且我们在年底成立了一个乐队,名叫“Super MYPPIES”。




Marshall Guo
September 1st, 2017
From London, England