2021 International Family Day

It’s been a very difficult year for 2020 around the world. NCIS thanks for all your support and cooperation. With much anticipation from our whole school community, NCIS ushered in the grandest party of the year – “2021 International Family Day” on May 29th, 2021.


This year is slightly different, the school prepared 34 countries for each family to choose from. The family will present the culture and food of that country.


It was wonderful to see our students, and families, make their presentations with such enthusiasm.


We also hold the World Cuisine Fair where got to enjoy the delicious foods from around the world. To close off the day we were all treated to the cuisine of the different nations. The cafeteria was transformed into an “International Cuisine Fair”.


NCIS’s annual “International Family Day” is not only a grand gathering of friendship and cultural exchanges but also a public platform that brings together Chinese and Western cultural exchanges and to experience first-hand the beauty of our multi-cultural environment through each activity.