保护生命,防范始然 I 南昌国际学校地震应急疏散演练


In order to improve the teachers and students to prevent self-rescue ability, familiar with the relevant knowledge, in the event of an earthquake disaster, can be orderly and quickly guide the safe evacuation of students, to ensure the life safety of teachers and students, through the safety of the emergency protection and evacuation drills, so that teachers and students to achieve the purpose of something does not panic, actively respond to the purpose of self-protection, and to improve the resilience to fight against the emergencies. On September 15, Nanchang International School organized this unscripted earthquake emergency exercise on September 15, Nanchang International School organized this unscripted earthquake emergency drill.


Upon hearing the siren, the students followed the teacher’s instructions, stopped their activities immediately, and went to their respective classrooms as quickly as possible to safe places such as under desks. The teacher guides the students to avoid danger and instructs them on the correct hiding



Under the teacher’s guidance, in accordance with the designated route, quickly and orderly bending, protection evacuation to the evacuation location.


Teachers count and report the number of people in a timely manner after reaching a safe area


After the end of the drill, the principals summarized the drill activity, and affirmed that the entire emergency drill was in order throughout the orderly and orderly, drill to achieve the desired effect.


The earthquake drill further popularized the knowledge of teachers and students about earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.