People organize themselves into communities

NCIS held a market activity in the lobby. Our Panda students organized a “Sale” on the 26th of May, 2023. They choose to be florists, bakers, cashiers, and other occupations.

All the students gathered in the lobby and Panda students started their first-ever public sale experience. In order to better integrate the teaching of IB philosophy, teachers also formed an accompanying observation team with each group in order to provide on-time assistance.

In this last unit of the academic year, we explored the role and function of communities. Our central theme that people organize themselves into communities led us to expand on the different communities that we, as humans belong to and finally connect the central line of inquiry, with the people (i.e. community helpers) in our own communities. The pandas drew from their personal experiences in their everyday lives and selected four local communities to showcase as part of our Going Further leg of our inquiry. They opened little shops and stepped into the shoes of florists, cashiers, shopping assistants, and bakers in a whole school market-day activity. Experiencing the other side of their normal interactions with community helpers in their neighborhood, allowed them to gain a different perspective in the importance of servitude and what it takes to be part of a healthy community.

Within 2 hours, all the food was sold, and we received lots of positive responses from the other students and teachers. The pandas left the market-day experience with a deep sense of appreciation of the hard work that goes into being a community. And most importantly, they learned that”, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.      ”
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