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Our students learn much more than physical skills through their participation in athletics. The collaborative experience of pursuing and attaining a common goal in athletics is unique, as it is combined with interscholastic competition. We are  proud of our winning tradition.

Through this experience, our students are able to develop courage as they take risks, strength while displaying finesse, competitive intensity while exhibiting generosity of spirit, and mental as well as physical endurance.

Mr Tapas Chattopadhyay, Director of Athletics




asa is after school activity eca is extra curricular activity


Associate Director - Atheletics

Ms Debika Chatopadhyay
Associate Athletics Director

Ms Debika is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Health and Safety Specialist offering a strong background in injury care, prevention, rehabilitation, health promotion and wellness. Debika has an enduring passion for continuous education and has intentionally engaged in various work experiences for a well-rounded scope on healthcare. Debika’s primary interests include nutrition and biomechanics, with a concentrated focus on improving performance.

For injury prevention, diagnosis, or treatment information, please email Debika at

School Athletic Trainer

Ms Yuying
Athletics Trainer