Philosophy – Bilingual

Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy (CWB) mainly enrolls local Chinese students. It prepares our primary and middle years students for entering the international high school programme such as A Levels and IBDP. This is done by conducting the compulsory national curriculum within the structure of the IB philosophy. It integrates the international methodology and framework of IB, and offers various featured courses and activities to encourage independent learning. It features small class sizes and bilingual teaching through inquiry-centered learning activities.


On the basis of national foundation courses, we offer a trans-disciplinary subject – UOI (Units of Investigation) in the Primary Division and GC (Global Context) in the Secondary Division. By considering the local reality and students’actual learning abilities, the content of various subjects (Chinese, Mathematics, English, PE, Arts, Music, Sciences and Humanities) has been carefully selected, reorganized and integrated. Each grade level will complete all the six units of inquiry in every academic year, and each unit takes 6-7 weeks. Every unit is closely linked within the six themes. This allowed for the effective integration of local programs and international programs. The programme encourages students to be innovative, develops critical thinking and learning skills, and improves their ability to apply what they have learned when facing various challenges. (The six trans-disciplinary themes: Who we are, Where we are in place and time, How we express ourselves, How the world works, How we organize ourselves and Sharing the planet)

双语部课程项目借鉴IB的六大探究主题(“自我认识”“时空领域”“自我表达”“世界运作”“自我组织”“共享地球”),结合本土情况和学生学习的实际情况,在稳定国家基础课程的基础上,将语文、数学、英语、体育、美术、音乐、科学、人文等学科的内容进行重组整合,开设跨学科主题探究课程—UOI(Unit of Inquiry,简称UOI)课程和宏观背景课程—GC(Global Context,简称GC)课程。每个年级每学年完成这六个单元的探究活动,每个单元需要6—7周时间完成,各单元之间既紧密联系,又螺旋上升。此新型课程实现了国内基础课程与国际课程的有效整合,使国际课程本土化,传统教育国际化。课程目的在于开发学生的创意潜能、辩证思维和学习技能,并培养其用正确的态度来对待知识,将各科所学有机结合并学以致用,从而使他们拥有面对各种挑战的能力。

Bilingual Section Curriculum

Basic courses: Chinese, Math, Sciences

Language: Cambridge ESL

Core courses: UOI (Unit of Investigation)

Features courses: Bilingual Reading, Music, Art, PSPE, Performing Arts, Drama etc.

Basic courses: Chinese, Math, Sciences

Language: Cambridge ESL

Core courses:GC (Global Context )

Features courses: Humanities, Music, Art, PE, etc.